16 January 2014

We Don't Do Ponytails

My oldest child doesn't do ponytails. She doesn't like bows or braids or headbands. She doesn't like anything to get in the way of her crazy mess of hair being free to be a crazy mess. However...

Yesterday Miss Lily let me put this little braid in her hair right before lunch. She left it in until after dinner!! Baby steps, people. We are proud!

Alice loves a ponytail, but we were about to have a bath, so hers was already out. 

I gave up trying to convince these girls to let me fix their hair a looooong time ago. 

Lucy... We could put bows on the bat ears... Maybe... For a second... Hmmmm

Anyway... Think healthy baby soon thoughts for me! 
Wear your seat belts!
-katie Jo

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