07 January 2014

Baby, it's too freaking cold outside!

My phone tells me it is 5 balmy degrees outside. That's way better than when I woke up this morning to no electricity and a nasty negative number display for the temperature. And hey... It's mostly sunny even. 

The outside world is all white and bright and stinking cold. It is awfully pretty, and it makes the van look cleaner than it actually is. It is also a fabulous excuse not to finish unloading all the Christmas booty still in the back seat. 

Inside is a different cozier story. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let it do the talking, but understand that I am in the living room with a beast of a dog curled up on one side of me on the couch and one more cat on top of the couch snuggled down in my coat. 

Marie would say to let them eat cake... I say, "It is friggin' cold outside. Let them watch Pocahontas."

Be warm. 
Wear your seat belts!
-katie jo

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