16 April 2011

Rock on... and on...

and on...

So ask me what super awesome crafty thing I did today. Yeah... Nothing. We went grocery shopping and hung out with some friends. That was awesome. Steak, lots of laughs, and Tangled make for a great night.

I love that movie by the way. I could watch it over and over. I really expected to hate it, but I loves it. The hubbs and I went to see it while it was still in the theater. We bought it the day it came out. This makes viewing number 5 in a week. It is wonderful. "Frying pans... Who knew?!?!"

Lily Bear was a dream boat today. I love that girl. It is always a bizarre moment for me when I hear words coming out of my mouth that drive home the point that I am finally a mother. For example? Since you asked... "She hasn't peed since 2:00? That's five hours! Is she ok?" She is in fact ok. She peed about 15 mins after I called and spoke to a nurse in her doctor's office.

Some days I still think that I am going to wake up and she will have been a dream.

On a much brighter and more completely random note, the hubbs and I have been having a lot of very interesting conversations lately about life, the universe and everything. Tonight we were driving around with a sleeping baby in the backseat talking about our soundtracks for life and it occurred to me that I am pleased to realize mine changes so often. Not as often as every week or two, but every couple of years I turn around and realize that it has changed. I think that is a great realization for me just because it makes me see that I have changed. My life has changed. My outlook has changed.

Without further ado I present my current life's soundtrack.

1. Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root
2. Carry You - Dispatch
3. Ain't No Reason - Brett Dennen
4. Rolling In the Deep - Adele
5. Buffalo Girl - Chris Bathgate
6. Folkin' Around - The Weakerthans
7. Good Man - Josh Ritter
8. January Wedding - Avett Brothers
9. You've Got the Music In You - New Radicals
10. Northern Sky - Nick Drake
11. Mary - Pushstart Wagon
12. View From Heaven - Yellowcard
13. Sigh No More - Mumford and Sons
14. Best of You - Foo Fighters
15. Small Town Kid - Eli Young Band
16. Syrup and Honey - Duffy

There are others, but I am thinking you get the general picture. I am quite satisfied with the current soundtrack. It suits.

The hubbs is totally addicted to Medium right now and the wonderful people at Netflix have added it to the instant queue. Rock. What could make that rock harder? Glad you asked. Molly Ringwald is in this episode!

I don't know that I have much more to say... There is a Lions Club auction in town tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it! Such a great organization.

On that note I think I will get some rest. (Right after this episode is over!)

Sweet dreams and happy weekending!

14 April 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Da um da da. Here comes the sun and I say, it's all right.

It's a Beatles kind of day. My darling man woke up sick this morning and Lily woke up wild. Every day is an adventure around here. I have been fairly busy the last few days and it has been nice. I made a couple of pairs of pants for Lily and then whipped up some shirts to go with them. The shirts are now in the mail on the way to my friend Ashley to be monogrammed!

Yesterday I hung out and put together a quilt top for Lily or whoever comes next. Ok, well I finished all the blocks... Haven't sewn them all together yet, but I'm hoping to get that done today.

I'm so ready to move. I miss my family. Grrr... At least it is only about a month away.

The Hubbs just realized that he only has three weeks left of class. I hear this and I think, "Awesome!" Apparently this is a faulty assumption. He proceeded to inform me that three weeks of class left actually meant that he only had three weeks to finish teaching everything he needed to, grade a veritable mountain of essays, tests, and papers, and after that is completed put all those grades into the computer.

yeah yeah yeah

No. I'm kidding. It is a lot of work but I still think it is awesome that he is almost done. I have to pack our whole house, plan a birthday party, and play with an amazing kid. I totally have the better end of this deal. Don't get me wrong... I reserve the right to complain about the fact that packing never seems to end, but I know it's not so bad and it is completely worth it in the end.

On to the more bizarre, MobWives? Really? Really America? I seriously almost went into a coma and peed on my couch when I was innocently sitting here watching TV and saw a preview for a new reality show entitled MobWives. Rationally I know it would not be produced if people wouldn't watch it... that doesn't instill a lot of faith in America for me. It is apparently about women with "mob connected" husbands who are in jail. The tag line seems to be "The men do the crime. They do the time."

I think that's my only super qualm of the day.

I'm tempted to ignore packing and housework for the day in favor of buying lots of duct tape because I am having dress form envy. Thanks Rae.

07 April 2011

Life, Death, & Little Dresses

I absolutely adore my life. I love that I get to stay at home with my baby and watch her grow. I love that I am married to someone I don't just love, but also respect and genuinely like. I love that I don't have to like him all the time. I love having an awesome best friend who will tell me when I am being irrational or generally an ass. I love that I am close to my mom and dad. I love that my cats are weird and neurotic and love to cuddle.

I also love that my jaw aches from having my teeth cut out. I love that my husband hates his job. I love that my baby would NOT lay down for a nap today. I love that someone died and that made people dear to me sad. I love that my mom had a crap day at work. I love that I am fighting the battle of the fruit-fly in my kitchen as we speak. I love that my house is in major need of cleaning and that Lily's bed is in the living room because we can't put her in her room.

No... I'm not twisted... hear me out. It is awesome that my jaw hurts because that means I finally had dental insurance to go to the dentist. It is superfly that the hubbs hates his job because right now he HAS a job to hate, and we don't have to stay. I think everything my baby does is amazing because I am still amazed to have her. I am glad that my husband and brother-in-law had someone so wonderful in their lives when they were growing up that even though she is in an obviously better place they will miss her. Mom's crap day at work is another day that she's alive and on the phone and talking to me. I don't mind fruit-flies because I would rather have fruit-flies than not have any food. I love that my house is filthy because we have a house to live in, and it may irk me to have a crib in the living room, but we have a crib.

I forget sometimes that I am generally a happier person when I remember to keep things in the right perspective. Remembering that for every sucking thing there are at least 5 really awesome things helps.

Speaking of total awesomeness (which I was...?)

Monday the hubbs took Lily to work with him. Crazy right? Apparently she was a very good girl and Mommy took that opportunity to make her lots of fun things!

It seemed that as long as I could keep busy I didn't think about how bad my mouth hurt. I kept busy. Way busy.

Then Tuesday rolled right on around and I finally faced my fear of the ruffle. That's right. I am 27 years old and had never sewn a ruffle. Well, it didn't suck. I now wish to ruffle everything. I think I will.

Anywho... I tell you that to tell you this: I have made a deal with myself. I will only buy a new pattern once I have made 3 of the previously purchased pattern. I've been sewing a lot! Without further ado...

How's that for a ruffle? I was proud.

Soooo... today I made nothing except for a trip to Wal*Mart. Woot Wahoo... I did buy new pinking shears and a ton of tulle and ribbon and fabric and other things I "needed".

I must sleep. I only just realized it is ten of two and the hubbs is leaving at seven in the morning. Suck.

Good night! Sweet dreams!
Remember... It could suck worse... You could not have a sewing machine.

03 April 2011

Without Wisdom Teeth

Interestingly enough I have been doing a whole lot of nothing today because my mouth is still not quite cooperating! On the up most of up notes, the hubbs went to pick up Lily from her grandparents' house and it is nice to have her home. I know they have only been keeping her for three days, but I would swear that she is bigger and more coordinated than she was on Thursday night!
The only bummer about having her home is not being able to play. She's a little to rough and tumble for Mom's face right now! She is learning to pull up and keep her wobbly little legs under her and that is too much fun to watch. Daddy time seems to be pretty awesome as far as she is concerned at the moment, if that is any consolation.

I feel like I have been on the couch for a month. I miss my sewing machine. I may not be the world's most awesome seamstress, but I have a lot of fun with it! I am a little obsessed with a pattern that I got at You Can Make This a week or so ago. It is too easy and I have enough fabric to last a while... Why not, right?
It seems to me that when your baby is a "baby" everyone wants to buy clothes... then they hit about 10 months old and it is out with the clothes and in with the toys. That's fine. We have toys to our eyeballs... and a naked baby!

I've been making 12 and 18 month dresses and shirts because I have absolutely no clothes in that size and it irks me to buy something I can make.

I am loving this little pattern. It is so simple and takes next to no time to whip up. It helps that I adore things that are reversible. Sewing linings seems like wasted time to me because no one sees it. *irrational... i know*  Now that I have made a few of them I am ready to start playing around with applique and some trimmings and contrast panels, but I have to admit that absolutely nothing about this plain jane little dress bothers me. It's too cute just the way it is.

Well... I'm going to take my throbbing jaw to bed!

Have a fabulous night!

Good Morning!

Blog from necessity? Yeah... I had my wisdom teeth extracted on the 1st. It hurts to talk... So... If you can't talk then type!

I have been entertaining the idea of starting a new blog for a while now, but I never really had the time to set it all up. I am probably going to come out of my pain medicine induced haze and have to redo all of my settings and sidebars, and that's ok.

I wanted to do a blog for projects and new recipes. I wanted somewhere to post the cutie-pie things I am making for Lily and somewhere to share the awesome tutorials that other bloggers so generously post on their sites!

I am also starting on my big yearly project! This will be "Project Lily". I am going to do 12 projects in 12 months for Lily's bedroom. I am super excited about the projects I have picked out! I hope you like them too!

I'm off to eat some Jell-O and put some ice on my chipmunk cheeks!