03 April 2011

Without Wisdom Teeth

Interestingly enough I have been doing a whole lot of nothing today because my mouth is still not quite cooperating! On the up most of up notes, the hubbs went to pick up Lily from her grandparents' house and it is nice to have her home. I know they have only been keeping her for three days, but I would swear that she is bigger and more coordinated than she was on Thursday night!
The only bummer about having her home is not being able to play. She's a little to rough and tumble for Mom's face right now! She is learning to pull up and keep her wobbly little legs under her and that is too much fun to watch. Daddy time seems to be pretty awesome as far as she is concerned at the moment, if that is any consolation.

I feel like I have been on the couch for a month. I miss my sewing machine. I may not be the world's most awesome seamstress, but I have a lot of fun with it! I am a little obsessed with a pattern that I got at You Can Make This a week or so ago. It is too easy and I have enough fabric to last a while... Why not, right?
It seems to me that when your baby is a "baby" everyone wants to buy clothes... then they hit about 10 months old and it is out with the clothes and in with the toys. That's fine. We have toys to our eyeballs... and a naked baby!

I've been making 12 and 18 month dresses and shirts because I have absolutely no clothes in that size and it irks me to buy something I can make.

I am loving this little pattern. It is so simple and takes next to no time to whip up. It helps that I adore things that are reversible. Sewing linings seems like wasted time to me because no one sees it. *irrational... i know*  Now that I have made a few of them I am ready to start playing around with applique and some trimmings and contrast panels, but I have to admit that absolutely nothing about this plain jane little dress bothers me. It's too cute just the way it is.

Well... I'm going to take my throbbing jaw to bed!

Have a fabulous night!

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