14 April 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Da um da da. Here comes the sun and I say, it's all right.

It's a Beatles kind of day. My darling man woke up sick this morning and Lily woke up wild. Every day is an adventure around here. I have been fairly busy the last few days and it has been nice. I made a couple of pairs of pants for Lily and then whipped up some shirts to go with them. The shirts are now in the mail on the way to my friend Ashley to be monogrammed!

Yesterday I hung out and put together a quilt top for Lily or whoever comes next. Ok, well I finished all the blocks... Haven't sewn them all together yet, but I'm hoping to get that done today.

I'm so ready to move. I miss my family. Grrr... At least it is only about a month away.

The Hubbs just realized that he only has three weeks left of class. I hear this and I think, "Awesome!" Apparently this is a faulty assumption. He proceeded to inform me that three weeks of class left actually meant that he only had three weeks to finish teaching everything he needed to, grade a veritable mountain of essays, tests, and papers, and after that is completed put all those grades into the computer.

yeah yeah yeah

No. I'm kidding. It is a lot of work but I still think it is awesome that he is almost done. I have to pack our whole house, plan a birthday party, and play with an amazing kid. I totally have the better end of this deal. Don't get me wrong... I reserve the right to complain about the fact that packing never seems to end, but I know it's not so bad and it is completely worth it in the end.

On to the more bizarre, MobWives? Really? Really America? I seriously almost went into a coma and peed on my couch when I was innocently sitting here watching TV and saw a preview for a new reality show entitled MobWives. Rationally I know it would not be produced if people wouldn't watch it... that doesn't instill a lot of faith in America for me. It is apparently about women with "mob connected" husbands who are in jail. The tag line seems to be "The men do the crime. They do the time."

I think that's my only super qualm of the day.

I'm tempted to ignore packing and housework for the day in favor of buying lots of duct tape because I am having dress form envy. Thanks Rae.

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