07 April 2011

Life, Death, & Little Dresses

I absolutely adore my life. I love that I get to stay at home with my baby and watch her grow. I love that I am married to someone I don't just love, but also respect and genuinely like. I love that I don't have to like him all the time. I love having an awesome best friend who will tell me when I am being irrational or generally an ass. I love that I am close to my mom and dad. I love that my cats are weird and neurotic and love to cuddle.

I also love that my jaw aches from having my teeth cut out. I love that my husband hates his job. I love that my baby would NOT lay down for a nap today. I love that someone died and that made people dear to me sad. I love that my mom had a crap day at work. I love that I am fighting the battle of the fruit-fly in my kitchen as we speak. I love that my house is in major need of cleaning and that Lily's bed is in the living room because we can't put her in her room.

No... I'm not twisted... hear me out. It is awesome that my jaw hurts because that means I finally had dental insurance to go to the dentist. It is superfly that the hubbs hates his job because right now he HAS a job to hate, and we don't have to stay. I think everything my baby does is amazing because I am still amazed to have her. I am glad that my husband and brother-in-law had someone so wonderful in their lives when they were growing up that even though she is in an obviously better place they will miss her. Mom's crap day at work is another day that she's alive and on the phone and talking to me. I don't mind fruit-flies because I would rather have fruit-flies than not have any food. I love that my house is filthy because we have a house to live in, and it may irk me to have a crib in the living room, but we have a crib.

I forget sometimes that I am generally a happier person when I remember to keep things in the right perspective. Remembering that for every sucking thing there are at least 5 really awesome things helps.

Speaking of total awesomeness (which I was...?)

Monday the hubbs took Lily to work with him. Crazy right? Apparently she was a very good girl and Mommy took that opportunity to make her lots of fun things!

It seemed that as long as I could keep busy I didn't think about how bad my mouth hurt. I kept busy. Way busy.

Then Tuesday rolled right on around and I finally faced my fear of the ruffle. That's right. I am 27 years old and had never sewn a ruffle. Well, it didn't suck. I now wish to ruffle everything. I think I will.

Anywho... I tell you that to tell you this: I have made a deal with myself. I will only buy a new pattern once I have made 3 of the previously purchased pattern. I've been sewing a lot! Without further ado...

How's that for a ruffle? I was proud.

Soooo... today I made nothing except for a trip to Wal*Mart. Woot Wahoo... I did buy new pinking shears and a ton of tulle and ribbon and fabric and other things I "needed".

I must sleep. I only just realized it is ten of two and the hubbs is leaving at seven in the morning. Suck.

Good night! Sweet dreams!
Remember... It could suck worse... You could not have a sewing machine.

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