09 January 2014

End of an Era

It's been a big day.
The girls took a break from some intense movie watching to give me a big, "CHEESE!"
They quickly got right back down to business. 
Then we had some rock awesome blueberry-full oatmeal for breakfast. 
We read a new magazine together on the floor. 
...Did some living room stargazing with Dad when he got home. 
Took a selfie while Mom was fixing a snack for us.
Threw a toy for Lucy....

And then my heart broke. 
We sold the Element. 
It truly is the end of an era. While I was cleaning out the vehicle I found a hospital parking stub from when Alice was born, Lily's first vaccination bandaid, the "thank-you" note we received from our realtor when we bought our first house, and a million other little things that made me slightly weepy. 
When I say, "slightly weepy," you should read that to say, "I bawled like a little girl after the nice man came to pick her up."
Her. Her name is Helena Honda. I hope she has many adventures with her new people. I hear she will be selling music-y things at Bonaroo... Adventures, indeed. 

We won't talk about how the Hubbs is handling it... We will just say that some people weep and some people eat. HAHAHA *next post: my sudden divorce? nah. I married a man with a sense of humor*

Also... I was 20% cooler while driving her. Now I drive a van... >.<

I hope you are all warm, cozy, and healthy.
Wear your seat belts.
-katie jo

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