31 January 2014

Not Quite Two Weeks

It's a record. Blogged 8 times consistently, randomly disappeared, and only took two weeks to blog again. Shortest blog break... EVER. :o)

These two weeks in pictures? Sounds good to me!

Yes. Her sunglasses are on upside down. Yes. She only has on one boot. Yes. Little is pushing Big on the tricycle. Yes. We are all in the bathroom having family time. Whatevs... 

Yes. The stick horses still provide hours of entertainment. No. She doesn't have a pacifier every moment of the day. Yes. Big was reading and too cool to play. Yes. My child appears to be a little awesome with her Mickey Mouse back pack OR my gloves.  It's called diversity.

No. Lily did not eat a.l.l. the snow. Yes. She tried. Yes. They had a blast. No. We don't know what Alice was doing, but it was accompanied with "three, four, five" and then followed up by the most awkward pause ever. 

No. Lily wasn't as sad as she looked. Yes. Lucy thought it was the best. day. ever. Yes. Josh is letting them sled on an oil drip pan that is no longer a magnet board because it became a sled. The many lives of? Absolutely.

Yes. We are apparently practicing diapering Baby. Yes. All the things fit on little fingers. Yes. If you try hard enough, you, too, can be like your big sister. Yes. It is *that* exciting.

Yes. We all managed to be still and quiet, on the bed, at the very same time. No. Moonshine did not come play. Yes. Josh was still studying. Yes. That is one happy Momma.

Yes. We totally crashed out at the Steff's for a couple days thanks to the snow, and the girls had a blast. Yes. They are eating slushie's made out of ice cream. No. I do not have a picture of Lily and Lucas putting out fires, but I will rectify that upon writing one of the next 200 posts.  Yes. Almost everyone Alice loves is in that wagon. No. Lily wouldn't fit, too.

Yes. These lovely ladies had a shower for Sam last night. Yes. Lots of fun was had by all. Yes. Lots of chocolate covered strawberries were eaten. Yes. There was lots of laughter. I am so very glad to know these women and have them in my life. They are why, almost two years later, I am still *sort of* sane. 

Yes. These faces were made at my baby shower. Yes. The biggest one would have gotten posted by someone else had I not posted, so I decided to own it. Yes. We really had an awesome time and Sammer got some awesome gifts. 

My three loves. Lily, Alice, and Sam. Alice was a funny pokey baby, Sammer is huge, and Lily wasn't a selfie. Rock on, Lily. 

Hopefuly, in four days I will have baby pictures to post instead of belly pictures. Sammer is scheduled to be here on Tuesday, and I can't wait. I look forward to meeting him and snuggling his squishy little self. I'll do my best to not take two weeks to put up another post, but as per usual... no promises! I've got this little life I really like to live, and sometimes there just isn't time! 

I hope you are all staying warm!
Wear your seat belts!
-katie jo

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