14 January 2014

Showered in Happy

Let me just tell you a little about my Sunday. It started out with two very sweet girls on the couch before church with all of their babies. We LOVE our babies around here. 

The Potter clan made it to church early for the first time in about a year. Yes, yes. We rock. After services we had a wonderful potluck down in the guildhall. If I look huge in that picture... It is because I am HUGE. We also had our annual parish meeting. It always runs smoothly when there is enough wine. HAHAHA Just kidding guys. (Or am I?)

There was also a baby shower right in the middle of all that good food and yearly reporting. We are constantly blessed by the wonderful people at St. Mary's. My favorite Natalie ever made the most awesome-mouth-staining-bigger-than-blue cupcakes, and I really wish I had gotten a picture of the girls all stripped down in the Gulid Hall eating them like it was the last sweet they would ever have. It was wonderful. I'm so glad to know these people and to have them as part of my life. 

The Potter Clan has been quarantined for a week because we all had the flu. Sunday was our first outing, and we were all excited to get out that afternoon to have dinner with the Steff's. No pictures of the actual outing... We were too busy having good food and conversation with good friends. 

Monday was a whole different story! I was flat on my butt all day long. I couldn't sit, stand, or lay down by myself. It was... Miserable. 

Hubbs took Lily to Joy School. It was "U & V" day. OHMY. There were apparently underpants, valentines, and volcanoes! What fun! That girl LOVES Joy School. 

While Lily was in Joy School, Alice and Daddy had breakfast together! They don't get the opportunity to hang out alone much, and I think they had a super fun time! 

Later that day after Hubbs and our friend Lauren worked on me, things started looking up. The girls rocked out playing with their happy-christmas lacing cards. Their Nea Nea gets them great gifts! 

There was some obligatory crawling on Mom's massage table. The most hilarious bit of this whole adventure was that I couldn't get a happy shot of Alice to save my life... Then I realized that Lily was either blurry or making the weirdest faces. They were hysterical up there. It is funny how sometimes you just don't get that shot. Nikki and Hubbs on the other hand... content. Totally content. 

That's our last couple of days in a nut shell. I count it a success. I hope you all had a happy weekend!

Monday is past!
Wear your seat belts!
-katie jo

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