27 August 2012

Woah, Lily!

Would have posted sooner... but I didn't. HA! Seemed to me a better way to start this post off than lying and telling you all I didn't have time. :o) 

It has been an awesomely busy few weeks! Somehow I have managed to be super crafty, keep my children fed and giggling, AND take a trip to see the g-parents with both littles all by my lonesome! 

Adventures, people. We are living in the days of adventures! So! The littles first because they are amazing. 

This little lightning bug loves sweet potatoes. On the other hand, green beans make her cry. I am talking full out tears and wailing. It is sad to watch. We are just avoiding green beans. She is going to be seven months old in a week and still doesn't have a single tooth in that gummy grin of hers. She is starting to sit up by herself and is just dying to crawl. It is crazy how much she has grown and learned in the last month. 

My biggest little has decided that napping is for the birds and that it is clearly better to just be miserable and whiny all afternoon unless constantly entertained. She sure does wake up happy though! She is counting to 12 and is putting so many sentences together now. We have a lot of fun!

We have been lucky enough to get to play with the little peach Miss Suvi a lot lately! Lily loves her and has a great time showing her toys. They play very well together for being a year and a half apart. Suvi has no idea how little she is! Alice thinks the two of them are pretty much the best thing since sweet potatoes. She watches them and giggles. She will be chasing them in no time! 

We had a perfect little blast "hiking" with Miss Suvi and her parents this weekend. I use quotations because Lily walked. A hike with Lily is a really pleasant stroll through the outdoors. :o) The kiddos were perfect little dream boats! 

The hubbs is doing his best not to let med school get to him... He studies all the time. Legit. Sometimes he even does it with his eyes closed! 

In my last post I mentioned that the hubbs birthday had come and as usual we celebrated in style! This is the picture I said I would not post on Facebook. Note: This blog does not equal Facebook.

This is the picture I said I would post on Facebook! (I'm sure I will.... One day...)

This man loves his birthday cake. It is the same cake every year... This year I made the icing pink. I couldn't help myself. It was so pretty!

This box weighed about 90 lbs and came a couple of days after the birthday festivities from my poet laureate B-I-L.  

The attached car. It was a set of Netter's Anatomy Flashcards. I just love that man. 

Last thing you should know about the hubbs... His days are numbered. He let THIS happen to the cat. I'm pretty sure she's purchased a gun. She is at the very least planning to pee on his pillow. 

I made the girls matching shirts... Then I tried to take their picture together... about that...

 We will just leave that at a big fat, "NOT SO MUCH, MOM!"

 I'm digging brown and blue right now... I made Lily a cute little brown plaid skirt for church a couple of weeks ago and then made this fancy new ironing board cover. (Had you seen the old one you wouldn't wonder why I took the time to find a dark print.)

The littles really had a good time in Arkansas visiting Gan, Pop, Nea, and the rest of the family! We hung out, colored, played with the doggy, and did all the other amazing things you get to do when you go stay with Gan and Pop. I count it a very successful trip!

This picture is my teaser for my next blog posting. It will be much less catch up heavy and much more "here's what's on my mind right now". 

I need to write one of those. Big time. 

This is our friend. He is my bit of random so you will remember you really are at the right blog. He has a friend. His friend's colors are inverted... It is crazy. I loves it. 

K. I'm going to bed. Sorry for the picture heavy post, but I love you all dearly and am now off to Nod. 

Sweet dreams!
Wear your seat belts!
-Katie Jo

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