17 July 2012

About that...

What do you mean I haven't posted since May of 2011? That's absurd.

Nah. I totally buy that. I'm lousy. I always have these extended hiatuses and then come back with problems and grand declarations that I am going to better and I am going to keep up and... "blah blah blah."

Let's face the facts. I am a sucky blogger. I try. Really I do, but at the end of the for some reason I just don't stick with it. I like to say that "life gets in the way," or "I just haven't had time." That's crap. I have time. I simply use it for other stuff. By stuff I really mean sitting. Hey, at least I am honest.

Well. No grand declarations here. Simply going to say hello because I am here now, and give you a little update.

Since my last post the hubbs and I have

1. Bought a house.
2. Gotten pregnant.
3. Had a lot of fun with Lily.
4. Had a baby.
5. Named previously mentioned baby 'Alice'.
6. Celebrated Lily's second birthday.
7. Applied to med school.
8. Interviewed for med school.
9. Been accepted to med school.
10. Decided to go to med school.
11. Mentioned to our family that we were going to med school.
12. Attempted to figure out why we bought the house mentioned in item number one.
13. Packed up Lily and Alice and moved to Tennessee.
14. Learned to spell "Tennessee".
15. Kicked it for a couple of weeks without the interwebs.
16. Sat down to write this blog.

There. See. Now you are caught up in less than 20 sentences. I left out some details, but hit the finer points I think. OH! I also opened up my Etsy shop again. Crazy. I'm sure if I get back here sometime soon I will post all about it.
Right now I am going to go snuggle with a baby and then head off to bed. It will be lovely!

Sweet dreams!
Wear your seat belt!

 PS> Lily and Alice Love You!!!

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